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Fair Comment

Who's to say what's fair?

Welcome to our blog!  Many times, that responsibility falls to an Ombuds (aka. Ombudsperson, Ombudsman).  An Ombuds is a centuries-old role, which still retains an air of mystery despite world-wide integration within government, universities and colleges, and the private sector. Ombuds live and breathe conflict resolution every day – using training and experience to identify individual and systemic unfairness and playing a critical role in helping institutions to live up to standards of fairness in how policies are applied, how decisions are made, and how people feel they are being treated. Committed to the principles of independence, impartiality, and confidentiality, ombuds work to resolve current complaints and prevent future unfairness.

In our blog Fair Comment, we will share our thoughts on fairness and the ombuds profession and invite you to add your own insights.  We come at this from theoretical, practical, and philosophical angles, with an enthusiasm for open dialogue about the joys and challenges of working in the field of fair play.  In our first series, Heather examines the ways that academic ombuds provide value to their institutions.  

Brent, Heather, & Julie

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What complaints are trending in HE? Part 2

EN | 1 min As we noted last week, ombuds play a key role in helping identify trends on campus and across higher education. In addition to COVID19-related complaints, we…
Challenging year

What complaints are trending in HE? Part 1

EN | 2 min An important part of the work of a higher education ombuds is identifying trends, so individuals and institutions can actively take steps to prevent or manage…
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Évitez le “Zoom fatigue”! Ombuds et médiateur

FR & EN | 2 min “Zoom fatigue” = l’épuisement professionnel lié à la surutilisation des plates-formes de visioconférence. Votre cerveau s’embrouille lors d’une énième visioconférence. Vous ne suivez plus…
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La rencontre des Ombuds/ Where ombuds meet

FR & EN | 1 min ENOHE / AOUCC Conference virtuelle du 21 et 22 septembre 2021 La conférence virtuelle de ENOHE /AOUCC a su regrouper des ombudsman des quatre…

Valuing Ombuds 3: What do HE institutions value?

EN | 2 min For this post, I looked for examples of institutional responses to annual reports that might refer to any of the ombuds standards of practice (independent, impartial/neutral,…